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Comedian Liza Koshy has come a long way since making videos on Vine back in 2013. She's taken over the internet with 17 million YouTube subscribers and over three billion views between her two YouTube accounts.

With not even the sky as her limit, she's constantly expanding into new realms. Her latest venture brought her to the tennis court. 

Koshy can be seen rocking tie-dye hoodies, color block leggings and more in her latest collaboration with activewear company Fabletics. In her most recent promotional post with the brand, she's not just serving looks, but serving tennis balls as well. 


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The focus of the photoshoot according to Art Director Shayla Milan was all about shifting the perspective.

"We were looking at literally shifting the perspective on sports," Milan said. "Being shot from above the lines of the tennis court allowed the team to utilize this space as a backdrop, the racquet and zest colored tennis balls worked perfectly when it came to adding shape and texture to the image."

The birds eye viewpoint is what make these photos engaging. Koshy's soft brown ensemble almost perfectly matches the court and her tossing hand looks strong. The service grip is a little unique, but it matches Koshy's quirky and entertaining personality. 


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"Liza is the most lovely genuine person," Milan said. "The image of her holding the tennis racquet is a bit outside the norm, but it's the perfect metaphor for who she is, in the best way."

Milan and her creative team focused on creating an active scene that could be experienced from above. But what really pulled everything together was Koshy's beaming energy on set. 

"Her creativity and humor really made this shoot come alive. We focused on color story, placing props in a way that defies gravity and, of course, creating our own tennis court," Milan said. 


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Liza's ultra-tennis friendly attire is available online and VIP customers can buy two pair of leggings for $24.