The Break is bringing you all the off-court news you need to know and this week is all about the majors.


Australian Open lead up events in Jeopardy 

Tournaments usually held in Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide and Hobart are all being held at one venue in Melbourne, Victoria. This decision was made in order to create the safest environment possible amidst the on-going pandemic. Players will still undergo a two-week quarantine upon arrival. 

However, earlier this week the Victorian government ruled that no international tennis players would be allowed entry in the month of December. This decision can potentially jeopardize lead up tournaments, and could possibly push back the start of the Australian Open. 


Naomi Osaka launches clothing line

It's the off-season, but apparently not for Naomi Osaka who has been busy collaborating with Japanese gaming company Playstation for their newest PS5 launch,  and she also launched her own clothing line with Nike this week.

The fanny pack and other pieces from her first-ever signature apparel line sold out within 24 hours. Everything from T-shirts to beanies, the collection is pretty extensive, and it features her own personalized logo, inspired by the Japanese flag. 


Best of five or best of three?

This has been a hot question for quite some time on the ATP tour and the top two players seem to be divided on if the scoring format should be changed. While Rafael Nadal believes in keeping the history of the sport alive and favors the longer format, Novak Djokovic had a vastly different outlook. 

"I just feel the attention span, as well as the fans, especially the younger generations is shorter. So in order for us to really improve the product of tennis commercially and marketing wise I feel like we have to adapt to that younger generation," Djokovic said during the ATP Finals.

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