Venus Williams is keeping busy with all of her off-court ventures. She's been doing at-home workouts on Instagram live, launching collaborations with her clothing brand Eleven and maintaining her commercial design company V Starr. 

Venus is fittingly the covergirl for Hospitality Design Magazine's November issue. But that's not all, as usual, the champion went above and beyond by also serving as the magazine's guest editor. 


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Venus is a long time supporter of the magazine and has gone to Hospitality Design for inspiration to create ideas for her own companies. When the opportunity presented itself to become a guest editor for the issue, Venus was all in.

"Yes let's do it! Let's make an issue that is inspiring and relevant to what's happening today and show how design is touching peoples' wellbeing and consciousness more than ever," Venus wrote in the November issue.  

This issue shows off South Florida, which is where Venus has spent most of her life and where she owns a new home. 

"It's become my home and my goal is to bring as much to the region as possible and showcase what a beautiful place it is through its people and design," Venus says. 

The November issue is available online now and focuses heavily on giving back and expanding design to different mediums.