A few weeks ago, Naomi Osaka teased fans with an Instagram post, suggesting something big was on the horizon. On Monday, she subtly revealed what has been in the works on her Instagram story. 

The 23-year-old's first-ever signature apparel line with Nike showcases her unique identity. It features the new logo that she had teased earlier this fall. 

Photos provided by Nike

The collection features everything from casual T-shirts and sweatshirts to statement polos and accessories like fanny packs and bright orange beanies.

Osaka's new logo, inspired by the Japanese flag, is stamped on all of the pieces.

The camo long sleeve shirt showcases the core of the collection: The design is inspired by the coordinates of her three home nations, Haiti, Japan and the United States. 

The Nike collection aims to celebrate Osaka's fun, colorful and culturally diverse spirit in every piece. 

Fans in the United States and Japan will be able to purchase the items starting on Monday.