“But where can I buy my own Qai Qai?!" is a question me and @alexisohanian have been asked countless times by family, friends, and (literally!!) thousands of people on the internet. When we first opened @RealQaiQai's account on Instagram two years ago, it was just supposed to be an inside joke, but we've come to realize that Qai Qai could be the beginning of a new kind of toy story, and one that we're excited to help bring to life so our daughter and millions of other children can see and play with more toys that look like them. So THANK YOU to every adult who's joined us in choosing to be a kid again and allowing themselves to laugh with and be inspired by this incredible little doll. Starting today, you can bring Qai Qai home to your daughters, sons, nieces, nephews, and anyone else who likes to boss up!! Amazon link in my bio. This is just the beginning!! ❤️❤️

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The moment you've all been waiting for is here: Qai Qai is for sale. Of course, not the original, which is firmly in Olympia Ohanian's possession, but her parents Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanion have made the doll accessible for all on Amazon

The description reads: "Qai Qai is no ordinary doll; since appearing on social media alongside Serena Williams, Alexis Ohanian, and their daughter Olympia, Qai Qai has amassed over one million followers of her own. While documenting her adventures both at home and around the world, Qai Qai strives to be the friend we all need and hope to be. She is smart, funny, relatable, and empowering."

She's 14.5" tall comes with a removable GOAT onesie and six-layer pink and purple tutu. The famous doll also has her own website now.

Qai Qai has been a permanent fixture in Olympia's life basically since she was born.

"Qai Qai is a doll I got for her," Serena said at the 2019 Australian Open. "I wanted her to have a Black doll. Growing up, I didn't have that many opportunities to have Black dolls. And I was just thinking, like, I want her first doll to be Black. And her heritage, obviously she's mixed, she's Caucasian and Black, but I feel like that was her first doll and I said her second doll would be Caucasian."


???? doo, doo, doo, doo…

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Serena has stressed how important it is for Olympia to grow up playing with dolls that look like her, and now everyone can have their own Qai Qai, too.