The fortnight in Paris was historic and unforgettable for many reasons. For the first time ever, both the men's and women's champions did not drop a single set. Iga Swiatek made her country proud as the first Polish Grand Slam champion, while Rafael Nadal pulled even with Roger Federer's record of 20 majors.

Each day in virtual press, there were funny and painful moments aplenty as well as a number of awkward interactions, so let's pay tribute to a great Roland Garros with the best quotes.  


Grigor Dimitrov (reached the fourth round)

Q. Do you still have contacts with Maria Sharapova? I know that you took different paths, but I was always quite jealous of you. I'd like to know if are you in touch with her, if you talk, what she's doing? Does she keep playing tennis? 

"You can still be jealous. No, no, she's good. We have always kept a good friendship, good relationship. I mean, I hope you follow her on Instagram. Maybe like this you know what she do. I'm not worried about her. I think she's in a good place I think in her life."


Rafael Nadal (won 13th Roland Garros crown)

Q: And do you often move like a dancer on the court, do you like dancing off the court? If so, what is your favorite dance?

"Well, yeah, with some tequilas I am dancing, yes. Without tequilas is more difficult."


Ons Jabeur (reached the fourth round)

Q. What is on the mask?

"It's Tsitsipas. I asked for it. He was like, 'No way you're going to wear it.' Of course, I'm going to wear it. I'm Team Tsitsipas."


Laura Siegemund (reached first career Grand Slam quarterfinal)

Q. But you actually took the time in your match to have what seemed to me to be a sumptuous banquet. What did you have in the middle of the match? You looked at the time like it was delicious.

"Well, if you guys prefer to talk about the food I was eating rather than tennis, that's OK. That's cool with me.

I was trying to get some carbs in... Probably looks weird having a fork and eating like that, but better than low sugar anyway. I preferred to try to get some energy back in the body."


Alexander Zverev (reached the fourth round)

Q. I see you keeping your mask on and obviously you're not feeling well. Obviously because of what's going on in the world, when the last time you were tested for COVID was and if you're worried...

"I'm not answering your questions. There is no chance I'm answering your questions from what you have been writing about me over the past months. Absolutely no chance."


Iga Swiatek (won maiden major while unseeded)

Q: Even if I understand that you have a sponsor, I would love to see your eyes because they are covered by your hat.

"Yeah, I know. Sorry about that. But I'm used to wearing hats. I feel more comfortable in my hat right now."


Sebastian Korda (reached the fourth round as a qualifier) 

Q. I want to get your thoughts on basically just playing your idol, the reason why you play tennis. Maybe just give me your thoughts on that and the match in general.

"I think after the match I asked him for a signed shirt when we were tapping rackets. So I don't know if anyone's ever asked him for an autograph after a match, but that was definitely the coolest moment of my life and one I'll never forget for sure."


Stefanos Tsitsipas (appeared in first Roland Garros semifinal)

Q. What do you get out of these post-match news conferences? Does it help you to process your matches? Does it help you to show snippets of your personality?

"I have something interesting to say, I always want to say it. Myself, I was a journalist when I was 11, 12 years old. I had this Facebook page, which I very often updated with news about Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic. The name of it was Tenniscore ITN. I was really into it."

Andreas Mies (defended doubles title with Kevin Krawietz)

Q. You got the trophy with you right now. How are you going to get it out of Roland Garros? We heard the announcement that the stadium gates are closed. Do you have any ladders with you? Climbing walls?

"Unfortunately we're not allowed to take this big trophy with us this time again. Even if we win it again and again, they won't let us taking it. We get the small ones again. We put it in our backpack and climb the wall to get out of this bubble we're staying in for two weeks already."


Danielle Collins (made run to first Roland Garros quarterfinal)

Q: I mean, what's political about COVID when you and all the players are under difficult restrictions, understandable restrictions, but it affects your day-to-day life at a tournament and it's something that affects all of us?

"I think they're just kind of the same questions being asked over and over to players, and I think that we're here to play tennis. Obviously we're in a pandemic and it's a very serious situation, but I think you should be reporting on the tennis."