It's hard for Ana Ivanovic to believe it has been 12 years since she captured her first and only Grand Slam title at Roland Garros. It's been four years since she stepped away from professional tennis, and she's missed the sport enough to want to get directly involved again. 

No, the former No. 1 is not returning to the court. Instead she has joined Tennis Channel as an Athlete Analyst to share her expertise with her many fans around the globe. 

"I've really been enjoying being a part of the Tennis Channel family, it's good to see you guys and to get in touch with tennis again," Ivanovic said on Thursday's Tennis Channel Live. "I've been missing it a little bit."

Ivanovic joined the Tennis Channel Live crew via Skype and gave her thoughts on her former foe Serena Williams on her current chase for 24 majors.

"First of all, I think she changed women's tennis in a way and what she achieved it's amazing and I do think she will get the 24 that she wants," Ivanovic said. "I think she maybe just misses winning a final and just winning that final step." 

The former world No. 1 discussed Serena's semifinal run in New York last month, and how the opportunities for her to win another Grand Slam are there for her to take, especially on hard courts.

Ivanovic also gave her take about the mothers on tour, and how being a mom can really help take pressure off players and shift their mindset for the better. 

"Something that was so important to you, becomes less important and you have someone else to take care of and worry about," the 32-year-old said. "All this pressure that you put on yourself to win each match, you put so much value on what other people maybe think, sponsors, when I  think that shifts when becoming a mom because you know that there is something more precious." 

Ivanovic is a mother to two young sons Luka and Leon with her husband Bastien Schweinsteiger and is happy to spend so much time with them during their early years. Although she is excited to watch Serena and other mothers still playing their best, she won't be joining them back on tour. 

"I do love watching tennis and I really do miss the competition sometimes, especially when the big events are on, but to be honest I really am immersed in their lives and spending time with them," Ivanovic said. "I think coming back would require too much of my time and commitment."

The Serbian has been enjoying watching Roland Garros, basking in her own memories on the terre battue while taking note of the surprising newcomers. When pressed to pick a women's champion, she chose unseeded Iga Swiatek, who dismissed Nadia Podoroska on Thursday. 

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