The Canadian is a producer for the Fox 2000 movie being made about her Twitter bet. (Getty)

Eugenie Bouchard posts a lot on social media, but it was one particular tweet in 2017 that would change her life. Now the saga that unfolded over the 2017 Super Bowl is being turned into a movie by Fox 2000 Pictures and Bouchard is helping produce it.

"We have a script," the 26-year-old said on a recent episode of the Podcast. "They're going to start trying to get actors attached to it. I can't believe this is real. They want to make a movie about something that happened to me. I'm just in shock."

For those who might not know the backstory that inspired the film, during the 2017 Super Bowl, the Canadian tweeted that she knew the Atlanta Falcons would win. A University of Missouri student named John Goehrke bet a date that the New England Patriots would make a comeback.

The Patriots, and Goehrke, would come out victorious and Bouchard would make good on her promise.

The former world No. 5 has been a part of the film process from the very start.

"We went to so many meetings in L.A. and things like that," Bouchard said. "So I was kind of involved in the process. Obviously, it's more credible and things like that. It really happened to me and to make it as kind of realistic as possible."

Bouchard and Goehrke not only went on a date, they would also attend the 2018 Super Bowl together as personal guests of the NFL.


We love our car selfies. Thank you @nfl & @nflcanada for inviting us to the Super Bowl ????????????

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They've hung out a few more times and are still friends, though not dating each other.

"I'm in touch with him casually," the 2014 Wimbledon finalist said. "I mean, sometimes he plays hard to get." (He has currently got a girlfriend).

She admitted that the surreal situation that made headlines around the world presented some challenges to both of their dating lives.

"All his girlfriends literally hate me," she said. "We've talked about it so much. Every girl that he ever hangs out with is like, "Why would you want to hang out with me? Because you hung out with Genie.' And I'm just ruining his dating life. It's so sad... I'm not a threat. Relax. And it caused problems—at the time I had a boyfriend—it caused problems as well. Honestly, we were a disaster for each other's dating lives."

There are still quite a few positives to take from the experience. The film industry might harbor a second career for Bouchard once she hangs up the racquets, though she's also interested in going back to school.

"Obviously, I would be a terrible actor, so not in that sense," she said. "I'd be behind the camera. There are just a million options and I have no idea."

The filming has understandably slowed down due to the pandemic, so a release date is not yet set. Once it does hit screens though, it will be one of the most mainstream tennis films ever produced.

"This is great for the sport," Bouchard said. "And they want my insight on when they have the tennis scenes or when they have specific moments that only someone who is on tour, who lives the life I live, can kind of give them. So I hope it keeps going. I hope it works out and I love tennis—more people can appreciate the sport that I just dedicate my life to. I love it."

The world No. 272 reached the quarterfinals in Prague last week and she won't be able to get into "Cincinnati" and New York.

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