WEST SULPHUR SPRINGS, W. Va.—After weeks of uncertainty, players are settling into the 2020 World TeamTennis season at The Greenbrier. The five-star resort has become a quarantine bubble of sorts, and the players are getting comfortable.

So comfortable, that Sam Querrey has started wearing a floppy bucket when he's court-side watching his teammates. 

"I bought this at The Greenbrier here," Querrey said. "We've got a lot of day matches so I didn't want to bake in the sun. So I went and bought it just to avoid cooking on the bench."

Querrey was beaten to the bucket-hat punch by Las Vegas Rollers coach Tim Blenkiron, who's shown off a smaller style in two different colors. 

Querrey has opened play for the first three Las Vegas Rollers matches, losing to Brandon Nakashima on Sunday and Tennys Sandgren on Monday before getting his first win on Tuesday, over Ryan Harrison.

Just because he's starting matches, doesn't mean Querrey is idle for the rest of the day.  

With no ball persons or linesmen due to safety, players are lending a helping hand. (Ryan Loco)

"I like to get out and ball boy a little bit so I'm not just frozen on the bench for two hours, that makes it fun for me," he sad. "Our team is fun so even if you're  sitting on the bench it's kind of exciting."

The day matches have been sweltering, with temperatures pushing 90 degrees and little cloud cover. Players have taken to holding white umbrellas when not on ball duties, or even when they are. 

Querrey is no slouch in doubles, but his team boasts Bob and Mike Bryan. (Ryan Loco)

While some of his WTT colleagues have ball kid experience, Querrey is a newbie. 

"I feel like I got he hang of it," he said, before racing off to make a golf tee time and spend time with his son, Ford, who is being watched over by his wife Abby during matches.

Querrey's wife Dixon has brought their son Ford to watch tennis at the Creekside Stadium. (Ryan Loco) 

The new family is very much at home at The Greenbrier, with the commute between hotel and stadium just a five-minute stroller walk, or two-minute golf-cart ride. 

"This is is obviously a little different than a normal tournament where we'd be at in a hotel and driving to and from the site, which would be more work," Querrey said. "This is nice because it's the first tournament we've traveled with him and it's probably the easiest, most convenient set-up we could have." 

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