Babies are growing up so fast these days. One little tyke embraced the role of ball machine for his "hitting partner" and took the internet by storm. 

The boy's name is Charlie and his mom Alexandra Stamm posted about the experience on Instagram. 

"Yesterday Charlie and I brought Cody a smoothie at work," Stamm wrote. "While picking up balls after a lesson, I looked over and saw my boys messing around. I pulled out my phone and recorded the moment."


No Pants Season for sure when it’s this hot out. @theminimalistapparel

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Judy Murray and Sloane Stephens were some of the tennis celebrities to notice the viral video, as well as countless news outlets.

It calls to mind this snap of Richie Bryan at Wimbledon a few years ago.


The older I get, the younger these ball kids look. ???????????????? #Richies1stWimby @wimbledon

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Kids will really do the darndest things, and the internet will really eat it up. 

"I’m flabbergasted that this moment has been viewed over A MILLION times," Stamm added. "Despite the fact that some people were mad that Charles doesn’t have a hat on (good lord people!), this has certainly been a fun and happy day. I’m so blessed to have two guys in my life who bring so much joy to so many people."