Proper tennis coaching can be hard to come by in the days of social distancing. But a handful of everyday players got to have their highlights reviewed by Andy Murray, who rated and ranked their tennis skills in a video for the website SPORTbible:

At the end of the clip, Murray picked his three favorites: 


A guy who faked an overhead serve before pushing a behind-the-back underhander over the net on the follow-through:

"[He] walked forward [to approach the net] like he'd done that 100 times, which I don't believe he has," Murray said. 


A pair of girls playing a more-dangerous-than-it-looks game of "air tennis" (It concludes with one of them taking a loud and scary backward fall.)

"That doesn't look so much like tennis—it looks like they're swinging a Lightsaber or something," he commented. "I've heard she's okay, so that's why I'm taking it."  


A little girl playing "short tennis" at a high level:

"Nice volleys, good footwork," Murray said. "It's pretty rare you see young kids playing up at the net." 

"She actually looks like she was trying to play tennis, rather than just take trick shots," he added. "I hope she grows up to be a good tennis player."

Murray also made a surprise appearance alongside Kate Middleton to talk to tennis-playing London schoolchildren: 

It seems the former No. 1 is getting his coaching reps in before his playing career is even over.