In Charleston this week, 16 WTA stars are having a blast returning to the court and teaming up to win the Credit One Bank Invitational title. With so much quality time spent on-site, Team Kindness' Victoria Azarenka took over the reigns as interviewer to ask Team Peace's Eugenie Bouchard 20 questions for "20 in '20".

Inspired by Vogue's "73 Questions With", Bouchard walked the grounds of the Volvo Car Stadium on Daniel Island while giving her answers. She was asked such things as: "What is your favorite vacation spot?" "Practice or match?" "What is the most annoying emoji?" and Azarenka's favorite "What is your go-to dance move?".

Fans learned a lot about the Canadian like that her go-to move is the sprinkler, she doesn't have TikTok or drink coffee, her wrestler name would be "Big G" and her podcast title one day might be called "Genie in a Bottle Unopened".

Azarenka was most surprised by Bouchard's lack of caffeine intake and her disinterest in TikTok.

"That's my mission, [making] sure everybody leaves with TikTok this tournament," Azarenka said.  

Stay tuned for more "20 in '20" from Charleston this week.