"That’s their job," he said on the Elliot Loney Podcast. "They’ve got real world problems as well."

Last week, the new Elliot Loney Podcast dropped an episode with Nick Kyrgios. Loney, a comedian and impersonator, is a friend of the Aussie's and their rapport was obvious. In a fairly casual conversation, they covered plenty of topics like partying, work ethic, coaching, winning Grand Slams and the media. 

Krygios was as real as can be about why he'll never win a Grand Slam, saying, "That doesn’t excite me." The 25-year-old mostly enjoys the friendships and social parts of the tour, missing the junior tour days when everyone was more relaxed and hung out more often. 

"I'm OK with me making a fourth round and messaging you guys and saying, 'Hey what are we doing tonight? Let’s have some fun,'" Kyrgios told Loney. "I’d much prefer that. That’s special, I think. I’ve just reached the ultimate freedom."


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Loney asked the world No. 40 what advice he'd give to the media, who he's had a very tumultuous relationship with. 

"I understand everyone is just trying to make some money. It’s not even about what right anymore, it's who’s first," Kyrgios said. "The article could be like 'Kyrgios walking on the ground' and the media would try to spin that. And people will be like maybe he is walking a bit too hard on the cement.

"People will believe anything these days. It’s all rubbish."

It's true that every move Kyrgios makes is covered closely by media outlets, from his on-court behavior to his off-court antics to his donations for good causes like the Aussie bushfires and helping the youth.

The reality is Krygios has made for a very compelling figure in the modern era and stands out amongst most of the rest as one of he most polarizing players ever. 

"I could go to Twitter right now… And the world we live in and where I'm at in my tennis world, I would have the power to cause an absolute uproar," he told Loney. "I could say something so controversial right now on this screen and things would just go mental."

And he's spot on. As a player who's unafraid of sharing exactly how he feels publicly to over 375,000 Twitter followers and 1.4 million Instagram followers, it opens up the door for scrutiny.

Though usually he's just having a bit of harmless fun...

"I don’t even know what advice I’d say to [the media]," he said. "That’s their job. They’ve got real world problems as well. They’re probably just trying to put food on their tables for their families, so I’m not going to beat them up about it."

Like any celebrity, there's so much more to Kyrgios beyond what he chooses to reveal publicly. The Loney podcast has certainly helped fans, and the media, learn a little bit more about what goes on inside his head.