The King of Clay signed off on Sulzberg's 3D vision and chose the photo himself. 

"He picked the image by the way, and my time that I spent with him is absolutely priceless."

It's Roland Garros Week on Tennis Channel and 12-time champion Rafael Nadal's achievements stand alone in history. Artist Bruce Sulzberg joins the show to talk about his experience working with and painting the King of Clay.

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A child prodigy, Sulzberg has spend decades developing a unique 3D painting technique, and brings to life athletes like Lebron James, Prince Fielder, Muhammad Ali, and tennis' own King of Clay.

A junior and college player himself, Sulzberg understands the lifestyle, work ethic and mentality of athletes, and isn't fazed by the superstars he works with. He sought out Nadal's team and made an adventurous (and costly) trip to Spain to pitch his vision in person.

After wowing Nadal, "VAMOS!" came to life based on a photo of the Spaniard from the 2014 French Open.

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