With protests for justice carrying on all across the country, one of the biggest challenges facing America is people not understanding the problem, and not understanding each other. Sachia Vickery created a video with her neighbor Betty that helps illustrate privilege.

The "Put a Finger Down" challenge is a trend from TikTok, where usually couples or friends answer questions about their personal lives or histories (kind of like "Never Have I Ever").

The questions were not the usual funny, light-hearted variety you've seen before. Instead it was the White Privilege Edition and the 25-year-old put a finger down as "yes" for:

  • Called a racial slur 
  • Followed in a store unnecessary 
  • Someone crossed the street to avoid passing you
  • Someone clenched their purse in an elevator with you 
  • Someone stepped off an elevator to keep from riding with you
  • Been accused of not being able to afford something expensive 
  • Had fear in your heart when being stopped by the police
  • Never been given a pass on a citation that you deserved
  • Been bullied solely because  of your race
  • Denied service solely because of the color of your skin

Their "game" really puts everything going on in America, and in the world, in greater perspective.