"I’ve just reached the ultimate freedom," the world No. 40 said. (Getty)

If you've been missing Nick Kyrgios during the tennis hiatus, then you're in luck this week. The enigmatic Aussie hopped on a podcast with comedian and friend Elliot Loney to discuss everything from his' start in tennis to his partying habits to what he might do after his career. 

Loney is also an impersonator, showing off his best Kyrgios—which the world No. 40 approved of if Loney would just take off the sideways hat. 

The 45-minute chat varied from light-hearted to serious, and one story really stood out. After a big night out with Loney, Kyrgios beat Rafael Nadal (it would have been either in 2017 in Cincinnati or 2019 in Acapulco). 

"I think the night before you played Rafa, or two nights before, we had a night out. You, me, and a few other of our mates, and we sent it," Loney said. "And you sent it hard, and then I remember being in the hotel room; I was a full-blown fetus, a corpse.

"I turn on the TV, and there you were on the TV dusting up Rafael Nadal on a hard court, and I could not believe it."

In the episode, Kyrgios was as open and honest as anyone's seen him as he explained why his focus is more on having fun instead of winning Slams, why he doesn't always put in the physical work, and why he won't spend money on a coach when he can use that money for something else, like charity work. 

"[Winning Grand Slams] doesn't excite me," Kyrgios said. "I’m OK with that. People will be like what an idiot. I’ve looked at myself in the mirror and I’ve had these conversations to get to know myself and I’m OK with that."

The 25-year-old is excited by having a great time with his friends, which includes having a few beers with both ATP and WTA players.


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He admitted to missing his junior tour days when everyone was more relaxed and friendly, and even stayed on the same hotel floors together. 

"I’m OK with me making a fourth round and messaging you guys and saying, 'Hey, what are we doing tonight? Let’s have some fun,'" Kyrgios said. "I’d much prefer that. That’s special, I think. I’ve just reached the ultimate freedom."

Judge Kyrgios all you like, but he's staying true to himself and will continue to do so long after his career is over.