Rather than starting with a ball toss, the teen chose to spike the ball off her racquet. (Getty)

Rising 18-year-old Iga Swiatek is known to try almost any shot competition—from tweener approaches to unpredictable drop shots—but here's one that's so out-there it might have to remain in quarantine when tennis returns.

Rather than tossing the ball up to serve, Swiatek tried: 


Starting with her racquet lying on the ground 


Spiking the ball off the strings 


Picking the racquet up for what looks to be a serviceable serve


Celebrating with a smile and a clenched fist.

"Let's pretend that it was in," she wrote on an Instagram story, so the technique might not be ready for match play just yet. Plus, an opponent would be bound to question the legality of the ball hitting the racquet twice. 

Still, that kind of creativity in practice is what enables Swiatek to be one of the most entertaining players on tour.

It's anyone's guess what she'll have up her sleeve in the next tournament she plays.