"Hi, this is Naomi live from the press room of the 2020 quarantine," Naomi Osaka said, before getting started with her first highly entertaining five-minute live video. 

Osaka has officially jumped on the Instagram Live wagon, but the two-time Grand Slam champion is taking a slightly different approach. The world No. 10 isn't just talking tennis, she's talking Avengers, childhood memories and fairytales.

On Thursday, Osaka interviewed her first guest, American Frances Tiafoe. 

OSAKA: "OK, are you ready? I don't think you're ready for this."

TIAFOE: "I'm very ready." 

OSAKA: "What is the most unprofessional thing you've ever seen another tennis player do? And you can say them by their names."

TIAFOE: "Wow, we're throwing people under the bus. I've seen a lot of unprofessional things, but I don't know if I want to throw somebody under the bus. 

OSAKA: "OK, you can just say what they've done and then throw a hint."

TIAFOE: "Probably just getting really drunk before a tennis match." 

OSAKA: "I'm bored. OK, next question."

The Japanese star was very candid and as always her sparklingly straightforward self, which made for a very natural and amusing conversation between the two pros. 

OSAKA: "Silliest thing that people say about you that's not true and or could be true." 

TIAFOE: "I mean, I definitely get called a clown a lot."

OSAKA: "But I'm saying something that's not true, I didn't say is true."

She was full of jokes and wasn't afraid to grill Tiafoe until the very end. She asked hard-hitting questions, such as, what's the meanest thing the world No. 88 has done and what's his most ridiculous childhood memory.  

Before ending the video, Osaka had to showoff Tiafoe's Wikipedia page to the fans watching, but then clicked on a close-up photo of Tiafoe flexing. 

"Oh my God, what is wrong with you," Tiafoe said. "Please stop, please get off this live, there's too many people watching this to be showing this."

Osaka and her seven-question Instagram Live series is set to continue with world No. 9 Gael Monfils joining her on Friday.