It may seem like a silly question. How could Andy Murray compare to Rafael Nadal, a player who has double the titles and prize money,  300 more career wins and 16 more Grand Slams? But... take a closer look at their Wimbledon statistics and the debate becomes clearer.

Murray vs. Nadal

Titles: Two each 

Finals: Murray, 3 vs. Nadal, 5

Semifinals: Seven each

Quarterfinals: Murray, 10 vs. Nadal, 7

Winning Percentage: Murray, 85% vs. Nadal, 81%

Wimbledon Head-to-Head: Nadal leads 3-0

Besides head-to-head at the grass-court Grand Slam, Murray and Nadal's stats are remarkably similar, making the question hard to answer. We want to know: who do you think is the better Wimbledon player, Murray or Nadal?