There's been a stunning trend during quarantine amongst celebrities: posting their phone numbers for the public to reach out. But Nick Kyrgios didn't willingly take part in it.


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Stefanos Tsitsipas, using the dude with a sign meme, shared the Aussie's phone number with the social media masses. And yes, it's Krygios' real number—or at least it was as he'll probably have to change it. 

"You are an absolute idiot everyone stop calling me!!!!!" Kyrgios posted in the comments. As he's celebrating his 25th birthday at home in Australian, the calls got frustrating quickly so he took to Instagram Stories to beg everyone to stop. 

"But please, I understand that Tsitsipas posted my number on his Instagram, please stop calling me," Krygios said. "I can't even play music, I can't do anything. Please stop calling my cell pone. Appreciate it."

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The phone number post might be some kind of retaliation for Kyrgios reacting to Tsitsipas' box jumps, but it doesn't quite add up. Maybe it's just a friendly birthday prank? Stay tuned for more from these two this quarantine season. 

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