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The #TennisAtHome series has taken off in the time of the COVID-19 crisis. With that comes a host of tutorials, remote and/or properly socially distanced, on a range of topics. You can learn spin, slice, and other plays on the ball in the privacy of your own backyard, playing against a wall. (Really, any wall will do at this point to satiate the need to play some version of tennis.)

The USTA has a fantastic new footwork drill, with a run time going on 6 minutes, that provides a cardio workout and a hook—it was inspired by Stefanie Graf, or Steffi Graf as she was known in her pro playing days.

That's right, the all-time great and German export, known as "Fraulein Forehand," was also Fraulein Fleet of Foot. Those who saw her play—especially in the 1990s—will recall her exceptional footwork. That series of small steps. Lunges at times. Determination at all times.

Chase that workout video, conducted in USTA cardio tennis manager Michael Harper's suburban driveway as a surefire sign of the times, with Graf's greatest hits. And when friendly hits and match play return again in full, see you on the courts.