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In times like these, it’s imperative to find the positives. That’s exactly what Marc Lucero, Steve Johnson’s current coach, is aiming to do with his self-isolation instructional series. 

“We are in a time right now where we are being forced to slow down,” Lucero said. “I thought I could share some things that I think are really important for players to do well- some small technical details that end up making a big difference as players get older.”

His first video focuses on eliminating the backswing on volleys, and you can literally do it sitting down at home. Nothing positive will ever happen with a big backswing on your volleys. 

Lucero’s second instructional video is centered around forehand preparation. “This is the initial movement when you see the ball,” Lucero says. “This coil transfers the power from your lower body to the swing and is key to handling pace.”

Lucero’s most recent video focuses on the contact point upon striking the ball. When you are playing well, you can feel the ball on the strings for longer. He stresses the importance of swinging through contact and not just lightly brushing the back of the ball. 

“This is a great time for kids to spend a few minutes a day cleaning up their game," Lucero said. "It’s either this is or playstation."