Ulsi Omen's Court Collection

The way Neelima Narayanan, founder and designer of Ulsi Omen has navigated through her life as an artist resembles the movements and flexibility of her craft. 

Always gracefully moving, she is pulled by the rotation of the world and a heart beating for creativity. From India to Singapore to New York and now finding her home in Los Angeles, she's dynamic.

“I'm interested in how jewelry is worn," Narayanan told Baseline. "For me, jewelry is not just a static piece, it’s a moving element that is a part of the body."

The Parsons School for design graduate has spent nine years designing, and became especially intrigued with jewelry conceptualizing during her time studying in New York. Through casting, sculpture and silversmithing classes, she found that digging in with her hands is what she loves most.

The swing of a racquet, the wrist changing grips and dropping and finishing off a forehand, are movements that influenced Narayanan's tennis bracelet. The roller chain allows for flexibility and mobility while playing. Very much like her movements through life, a tranquil traveler is what the tennis bracelet parallels. 

“Athletes move around a lot, so it was really important for me to design a bracelet that included mobility," Narayanan said. 

The piece was specifically made for The Courts, a picturesque, unique tennis facility in Borrego Springs, Calif. Narayanan revealed her Court Collection at the first annual Low Desert Open at The Courts earlier this month. 

“One of the key elements of the design–and I think the reason why people gravitate towards it—is because I really wanted to make sure that I could source that tennis yellow," Narayanan said. "The tennis ball yellow is super iconic, so I wanted the tennis bracelets to reflect that.” 


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Much like the experiences and connections Narayanan has made across the world, her brand hones in on the personal connection rather than prioritizing the aesthetic. Narayanan has dedicated herself to accepting custom orders to ensure each piece of jewelry is unique and fits each client perfectly.  

“The biggest compliment to the brand is not someone who wants to buy it, but when clients tell me that they never take it off, because it’s become a part of their routine or body," Narayanan said. "Because like experiences, jewelry can become a part of one's identity."


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The Ulsi Omen website will launch in mid-April and the brand's first physical showroom is set to debut in Los Angeles in the fall. For now, customers can direct message Narayanan on the Ulsi Omen Instagram page to set up private appointments and visits to her Los Angeles studio. 

Similar to Narayanan's ever-evolving career, Ulsi Omen will continue to move without conforming, yet still become the perfect match for anyone.