The WTA player stirred the proverbial pot regarding Roland Garros' scheduling decision. (Getty)

A lot of ATP and WTA players have taken to the TikTok platform in recent days to cope with the coronavirus pandemic's halting effect on their respective tours.

Kristie Ahn is one pro having her way with the recent bristling response from the three other major events, among other organizations and players, to Roland Garros' rescheduled-to-September news.

Among those voicing their amusement slash support to Ahn's fleeting, performative gesture: two-time major champ Naomi Osaka, who recently began her own TikTok, shall we say, journey.

Roland Garros, known as the French Open to casual tennis fans, has been unabashedly pilloried in the public square of ideas since its unilateral decision to reschedule from May to September, one week after the US Open ends, in the 2020 tournament calendar.

That resounding response hasn't dissipated, with the US Open itself and other governing bodies and tournaments offering that now is a time for unity, not isolated choices that hurt other events and denigrate the sport's traction globally.

Buckle up, fans and observers. It's bound to be a long year.