This week, players are truly embracing self-isolation. Some enjoyed a little vitamin D while one got creative and found a way to clean the house while working out at the same time. These are the Top 5 social posts from players around the world.


Kristie Ahn


Andrea Petkovic


Madison Keys


At-home training time! Did a full core/circuit workout with @bjornfrat... here are the details so you can do at home too ????: First, warm up (with a medball or light dumbbell if you have one) with light stretching (twists, lateral lunge with press up and squats). Bonus: if you have a mini band, put it around your knees for glute raises and clam shells on both sides (2 sets of 20 reps each) Then... 1. Mountain climbers 2. Alternating reverse lunges 3. Wall runs/High knees 4. Squat jumps 5. Jump rope 6. Skater hops side to side 4 sets, 30 seconds on 30 seconds off Second, work the core! 1. Russian twists 2. Sit-up, throw medball against the wall 3. Side plank 4. Straight leg raises 3 sets of 20 reps *Important note!! This is my own program. I’m not a fitness instructor so always go at your own pace. Use my workout as an idea for your own at-home workout*

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Andrey Rublev


Benoit Paire



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