Effortlessly gliding to the ball, he quickly takes his racquet back for a one-handed backhand. He makes clean contact to line the ball exactly where he wants to hit it, over and over again. No, this is not 20-time Grand Slam champion Roger Federer, but six-year-old Ethan. 

The video of Ethan hitting a one-handed backhand went viral and it has people, including pros, shocked that a six-year-old already has developed such astonishing form. 

It's all business as usual for the youngster, as he has gone viral in the past. When he was just three, he rallied with Rafael Nadal and the Spaniard would share the video on his Instagram page. 

Ethan's father David Lax knows his son is talented but he wants him to enjoy the sport without any expectations. 

“But for real it’s a tough sport and we have no expectations," Lax told the New York Post. "Ethan is age six and as long as he is happy, he is playing the sport he loves and has a healthy lifestyle that’s all that matters right now."