The WTA Premier knows how to show its players and fans a great time. (Getty Images)

St. Petersburg plays host to some of the best WTA players in the world this week, and they want to show them, and everyone, a great time. The Premier tournament puts out all the stops and isn't afraid of trying something new. 

Case in point, they have walking billboards going in front of the players as they head onto the court.

There's also a light and dance show to build suspense before matches.

And it's not just on the court, dedicated dancers are stationed in the crowd too.

The court itself is literally a party.

Donna Vekic added her own flair on Tuesday by warming up in a FC Zenit jersey.

FC Zenit is St. Petersburg's football team that plays in the Russian Premier League.

The No. 7 seed is the only seed to advance so far, winning her opener against Kristie Ahn. No. 5 seed Marketa Vondrousova and No. 3 seed Johanna Konta fell in the first round.