Players are passionate about their music, regularly spotted lost in their headphones. (Getty Images)

Finals weekend has arrived at the Australian Open and it is sure to pack a punch. What better way to get excited for the final two days than listening to good music from the top local artists?

Pandora has teamed up with Tennis Channel to connect music and sports in an exclusive and innovative way by bringing fans closer to the players they love with curated playlists and podcasts. Not only is there a playlist for the thrilling action in Melbourne, but also new content will be released for Indian Wells, Roland Garros and the US Open.

The year-long collaboration with Pandora, brought to you by SiriusXM, will have players and Tennis Channel talent creating playlists of their favorite songs.

Two playlists are available right now to get you pumped up for the final weekend in Melbourne: Toast to Australia: The Classics and Toast to Australia: The Trendsetters

Players are passionate about music, regularly walking on court wearing headphones while listening to carefully chosen pump-up songs. They also spend a lot of downtime and travel hours jamming out to their favorite artists. Ever wonder what they are listening to or what their go-to song or artist is? Now you'll get an inside peak at what's coming through their headphones. 

The Tennis Channel Podcast Network is on Pandora, and you can listen to any of the Network's shows including Tennis Channel Live and the Podcast