Video courtesy of Swissmint

For all of his achievements on court and his contributions away from the game, Roger Federer is being honored with a landmark distinction at home.

The 20-time major champion has become the first living person in Switzerland to be recognized with a commemorative coin by the Federal Mint Swissmint.

 Artwork courtesy of Swissmint

The 20-franc silver coin, which features Federer preparing to line up a backhand, was available “uncirculated” in a special pre-sale beginning Monday. The coins were available for purchase on Swissmint’s website, initially through December 19, but the 55,000 units were sold within the day.

“As well as being probably Switzerland's most successful individual sportsman, he is also the perfect ambassador for Switzerland,” the Swiss government said in a press release.

The coins will be issued beginning January 23, 2020. Swissmint noted should demand exceed the first minting run, a further 40,000 coins may be produced for issue in May 2020, when the Roger Federer “gold coin” is expected to be released.