Taylor Dent knows a thing or two about having a great serve. The former world No. 21 has a lot of tips to share for improving your serve, especially when it comes to getting enough topspin on it. 

Here are three takeaways: 


You need topspin so you can hit hard to get it up over the net, and dipping down fast. A lot of players put incorrect spin on the ball, like slice. 


You also need to have great toss. Dent suggests trying to get the ball to land on top of your head. To get the right spin, you want to try to hit the ball from 6 to 12 o'clock. The attempt to create that arc makes the spin possible. 

"Remember we want to go up," Dent says. 


One of the most important things is getting into the trophy position, and keeping your body sideways. It loads your body to produce the maximum amount of energy, which helps you create heavy spin.

Dent also covers the whipping motion of your arm and what your legs should be doing in this extensive serving lesson.