The ITF released its first-ever Global Tennis Report, with data collected from 195 nations to provide a depiction of tennis participation around the world. The most notable findings include: 


Tennis players — 87 million (1.17 percent of the world’s population)


Tennis clubs — 71,263


Tennis courts — 489,135


Coaches — 163,548


Female players — 47 percent 

The study's release states that, "The 2019 Report will serve as a benchmark enabling the ITF to measure the impact of investment in growing and retaining participation in the sport."

It marks the biggest survey study ever done in global tennis participation and performance .

“This report is unique in its scale and findings," ITF President David Haggerty said. "And the start of a new journey that we are embarking on with our member nations to learn more about the tennis landscape than we ever have before."