Courier does on-court interviews each year during the Australian Open. (Getty Images)

"The business side has been something that I’ve been really educated in. I didn’t go to college, so for me it’s been a real learning curve and a real wonderful one to understand how the world of tennis actually operates. It's made me a better person in general."

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This week's Podcast guest is former No. 1 Jim Courier. The four-time Grand Slam champion may be better known these days for commentating as he's now 20 years into a full-fledged broadcasting career. 

With his company InsideOut Sports & Entertainment, Courier has helped bring tennis to more people, first with the Powershares Champion Series (now the Invesco Series QQQ) and now by partnering with the Oracle Pro Series. 

The 49-year-old American shares how he knew it was time to retire, the ins and outs of commentating and his most memorable on-court interviews, including with Petra Kvitova and Rafael Nadal in Melbourne.

He gets into some of the more complex debates of the sport like the delegation of prize money at Slams, which ranking groups should be making a better living and why the American minor league needs a more level playing field with Europe.