After her US Open showing, in which she did not defend her singles title but did deliver one of the event's most captivating moments, Naomi Osaka did what she unnaturally does.

She went on The Ellen Show and confronted the host. Good-naturedly, though.


“Ah ???? here we go again”

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With a winking delivery, if short on actual words, Osaka and Ellen DeGeneres "sparred" about how the daytime-queen comedian sought to set up Osaka on a date with actor Michael B. Jordan.

Osaka never replied to Jordan's tweet, and never attended the premiere of his Creed 2 film.

DeGeneres did not take this in stride, and created the top moment of their five-plus-minute segment with a playfully exasperated, "You're never going to get a man."

In this, a televised game of verbal volleying: DeGeneres defeated Osaka, 6-2.