Changing an industry takes time. The Triniti ball launch date is now Sept 16th????♻️

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Quick survey: How many of you crack open a new can of tennis balls every time you play? Sure, there are some hoarders out there with a racquet bag full of used balls. But for a large portion of the tennis population—particularly in the U.S.—a can of balls is a one-time use. (Guilty as charged). The primary reason is the ball’s performance just isn’t same the second time around. Environment be damned. Wilson is hoping to change that practice with its new Triniti ball.

There are two major innovations that give Triniti a greater lifespan. First, the core is made from a plastomer material that weighs less than a traditional core. This allowed Wilson to thicken the core walls for longer bounce duration and consistency. According to internal testing, Triniti maintains its liveliness four times longer than their previous models.

The next advancement is in the felt. Wilson used STR felt which is 50 percent more flexible than the typical covering. This allows for more core compression and dwell time on the strings at contact. This is designed to increase feel and control over longer periods of time. 

“We see Triniti as a big win for players, the industry, and importantly, our environment,” said Hans-Martin Reh, General Manager, Racquet Sports. “While the tennis ball has not fundamentally changed over 40 years, it has contributed to landfill issues across the world.  We decided to re-engineer the ball from the inside out to be gentler on our world while not giving an inch in performance, actually enhancing it.”

Not only is the Triniti intended to maintain performance longer, but the new composition allows them to be transported without the need of a pressurized plastic can. Triniti is housed in a fully recyclable package, made from recycled materials—a definite upgrade for the environmentally conscious. 

Each three-ball container of Triniti will retail for $5.49. The ball will be available worldwide in-store, online and at starting September 16.