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Bianca Andreescu had a stunning two weeks at the US Open, culminating with her straight-sets defeat of Serena Williams in the final. But a good portion of the people watching couldn't help but let some of their attention divert to who's been in Andreescu's box: Maria and Coco—yes, another famous Coco—Andreescu. 

Style is a major sideshow in Flushing Meadows, and Bianca's mom, Maria, and dog, Coco, fit right in and stood right out—so much so that Rachel Syme, a leading voice on fashion and occasionally tennis, had a field day with the duo on Twitter. 

Of course, Syme wasn't the only one to take note.

Maria, a compliance officer, and Bianca's father, Nicu, and engineer, immigrated to Canada from Romania in 1994, six years before Bianca was born. 

Coco the poodle even had her own credential, but that doesn't necessarily mean she was allowed to be at Bianca's matches. 

Nicu told The New York Times that Coco wasn't supposed to be let in, but that they could get by without Bianca being penalized if they kept her on the floor. 

So Bianca's championship was, in some ways, a team effort—by a team that will no doubt be recognized all over the world from here on. 

Andreescu is expected to be ranked a best-yet No. 5 on Monday, but, really, this feels like just the beginning, for all the Andreescus.