It's been 11 years since Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal played at Wimbledon, and on Friday, they'll face off in the semifinals. It'll be the 40th meeting between the two champions, with Nadal holding the career head-to-head edge, 24-15.

Friday will be just their fourth meeting on grass with Federer leading 2-1. In 2008, when they met in the Wimbledon final, Nadal won the marathon—which many call the greatest match ever played—9-7 in the fifth set.

Eleven years feels like a very long time ago. Here's what was happening in 2008:


A 22-year-old held just four Grand Slams, and would win his fifth—and first Wimbledon—that year. It marked his first non-Roland Garros major, and he ended the year at No. 1 for the first time. He now has 18 Slams, just two behind Federer's 20. 


Though the Wimbledon loss was nothing short of devastating for Federer, he bounced back to win the US Open. It was his 13th Grand Slam title and it's the last time he was won in New York.


On the women's side, Venus Williams bested her sister Serena to win her seventh major. The 38-year-old hasn't won a Slam since. She and Serena teamed up to win the doubles title, and have won 14 total together. 


In November, Barrack Obama became the President of the United States. He became the first African American president in U.S. history. 


The Dark Knight ruled the year's box office, hauling in over $1 billion just six months after the death of Heath Ledger (who played the Joker). Mamma Mia!, Wall-E and Iron Man all landed inside the Top 10.