The Latvian is hitting both her partner and her opponent this fortnight. (AP)

When playing doubles, the player at the net is usually in danger from getting slammed with a ball, whether by a volley, overhead or ground stroke. Yet they can take comfort in the fact that, most of the lasers are coming from in front of them. 

Yet most partners aren't Jelena Ostapenko, who seems to have developed an uncanny habit of hitting players during this year's Wimbledon.

While playing with mixed doubles partner Robert Lindstedt during the second round against Makoto Ninomiya and Andres Molteni, the Latvian hit a serve straight into the back of Lindstedt's head at the beginning of the first set.


Out? ????

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They laughed it off as bad luck or a fluke...except it happened again, in the round of 16 against John Peers and Zhang Shuai.


My biggest dream is to win @wimbledon but I am not sure I can handle three more...

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This may not be a partnership that happens again for the US Open, even if the pair wins the mixed doubles title. Both her partners and opponents may become too scared of her accidental pegs as she also nailed Alize Cornet with a serve earlier in the tournament.

For now, Ostapenko and Lindstedt are still alive, and in good health, as they take on Raluca Olaru and Franko Skugor in the quarterfinals.