Tennis never remains stagnant, even with a lot of traditionalists fighting change. The International Tennis Federation (ITF) has recently made changes to the Fed Cup, similar to the Davis Cup changes, that have caused a stir in the sport.

Starting in 2020, the women's event will be a six-day tournament in April with 12 teams, where only 10 teams will have qualified based on merit. While some praised the changes, others, just like when the Davis Cup changed, had a few choice words, including France's Alize Cornet whose team will play the finals in Perth in November. France and Australia automatically qualify for a 2020 final spot.

"Good job on killing the competition just as they did with Davis Cup...and nobody even bothered to ask the opinion of the players whatsoever," she said on Twitter.

The Finals will see a round-robin format of four groups of three teams, with elimination semifinals and a final. Sixteen teams will battle in February to qualify for the final.

However, one change that nobody will complain about is the addition of prize money, announced by Billie Jean King.

Now, what do you think of these changes?