Nick Kyrgios sat down with Kid Reporter Vuk Vitic at Queen's Club for the "best part of of his day." The youngster had some tough-hitting questions for Kyrgios.

Vuk opened with: "Do you get told off when you don’t work hard at tennis?"

Kyrgios took him seriously and answered with: "I don’t have a coach so no one tells me anything, so, but yeah I should work hard."

The kid reporter wasn't buying it, and pressed the Aussie with, "You ought to try."

Other questions included, "Should I hit my serve underarm like you?" "How good are you at Fortnite?" and "How did you and Andy Murray become friends?"

Kyrgios was also asked recently—in regular press—about playing doubles at Wimbledon, possibly with Murray, but he shut the notion down, saying more best-of-five matches would be too tough. 

At Queen's Club, the world No. 39 is set to play Adrian Mannarino on Wednesday.