Which CL????SH do you want to demo?? — Clash 98, Clash 100, Clash 100 Tour, Clash 100L or Clash 108?

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Introduced in early 2019, the Wilson Clash made a splash for its unique playability. A highly flexible and comfortable frame, it still manages to produce the power and stability of its much stiffer competitors. There are two central technologies that help create the Clash’s identity. The first is FreeFlex, which unifies carbon at unconventional angles throughout the frame for a higher degree of both vertical and horizontal flexibility. This allows the racquet to bend with any type of swing for better ball-pocketing. 


The All-New CL????SH models are now available! Check out the CL????SH 98, 100L and 108 today at the link in bio!

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StableSmart is the other innovation. It complements the FreeFlex by providing stability and power at strategic points of the racquet. The combined effect is heightened directional and depth control, which gives the user more confidence to swing out and go for shots.

The Clash 100 and 100 Tour were the founding members of the franchise, and three new additions will hit the market worldwide on June 15 to round out the line. The smaller head size of the Clash 98 ($249) increases the precision and control of the frame for more advanced ball strikers. The Clash 100L ($229) presents the easiest swinging option, which should appeal to juniors transitioning to an adult frame, or any player who prefers a highly maneuverable racquet. And the Clash 108 ($229), also lightweight, offers the biggest head size and most generous sweet spot for players looking for extra forgiveness on their shots. 

With five models now available in the Clash family, a broader range of players can find one for their style of play.