Most of the time, the pros seem calm, cool and collected on court—as if they have no nerves and know exactly what to do at all moments. Of course, this isn't true. Almost everyone has some anxiety before heading out into a match and during it, and all of them seem to have tennis-related nightmares.

A group of ATP stars described what their tennis nightmares are. David Goffin, who recently lost to Rafael Nadal in the third round of the French Open, said his nightmare would be a never-ending point, one where you never lose, but you can also never win.

Jeremy Chardy had an even worse dream, where he was playing in the final of Wimbledon and was about to win, but then twisted his ankle, losing the match. Bob and Mike Bryan had one of the more funnier nightmares of being put into singles during a Davis Cup tie. 

The biggest lesson gleaned from these dream revelations is that tennis players can never escape the sport, even when sleeping.