Nicole Gibbs has had the cancer in the roof of her mouth successfully removed, she announced on social media on Thursday. 

"Margins were clear and I am currently cancer free!!" Gibbs wrote in a note posted to Twitter and Instagram, alongside a smiling picture. 

She added that the cancer was rediagnosed as sclerosing microcystic adenocarcinoma. "Fun Fact: there are only a handful of known cases of this cancer, and I'm the first documented case to to occur in the roof of the mouth," she wrote, tacking on an upside-down-happy-face emoji. 

Gibbs also said that, because of complications, she still needs to use a feeding tube—"if I were to try to swallow water, some would leak out me nose - gross, I know."

This means she'll have to delay her comeback, which was initially set for Wimbledon qualifying. 


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"Back as soon as I can be," Gibbs signed off, to an outpouring of supportive comments. 

She underwent the surgery on May 17.