Venus Williams loves a timeline. She will tell you about that and more in May's Modern Luxury Palm Beach magazine, the publication's Sports Stars issue.

"I also love to deliver on my word," she says of her V Starr Interiors design firm. "My mom taught me from an early age to keep my word. It’s important for us to deliver on time, on budget and what we promised from a design standpoint. We always do that."

Venus notes in the quick Q&A that she had to strive to be taken seriously as an entrepreneurial spirit and businessperson in light of most partners, investors, and others in her industries—interior design and athleisure wear—viewing her solely as an athlete. That's her advice to fellow sportspersons seeking to branch out into new arenas: immerse thyself in your industry of choice; get a mentor; and test out various strategies, designs, and so on until you find what fits.

In short, practice makes something akin to perfect. It's not so different from physical training and dedication.

"We work hard and we learn from our losses," she says of her V Starr Interiors team, who she hails for their collaborative work ethic and creativity to make her own dreams come true. "Because just like on the court, your losses teach you how to win."

Said like the true winner of 22 Grand Slam titles and four Olympic gold medals. As has been shared before, perhaps we learn more from our losses than our victories.