A former Top 200-ranked pro, Prakash Amritraj will visit 13 cities in 100 days for Tennis Channel’s coverage in 2019. He's already covered Dubai, Acapulco, Miami and Monte Carlo, and is currently in Madrid. 

Q: What do you remember most from traveling with your father, Vijay?

When I was 9, he was commentating and playing legends events around the world. I remember being
with him in the champion’s locker room at Wimbledon, the old one right under Centre Court. He was getting ready for a 35-and-overs match. I found myself sitting on a bench in between Boris Becker and Pete Sampras, my favorite two players. I will never forget that moment. I decided then that playing
tennis is exactly what I wanted to do. I came back to Los Angeles that summer, won my first 10-and-under tournament, and the fuse was lit.

Q: Did you feel pressure following in the footsteps of a legend?

Let me put it this way: In 1985, when I was about two-and-a-half years old, I was running around a court in Bangalore as my father prepared to lead India against Sweden in Davis Cup. He was their No. 1 singles player and Mats Wilander was Sweden’s. A picture was taken of Vijay rolling a ball on the court to me, and I smiled and rolled it back with a mini tennis racquet. The papers across India published the picture with a caption that read, “Will Prakash one day wield a racquet for India in Davis Cup?”

Twenty years later, I led India as its No. 1 singles player against Sweden in a Davis Cup tie at home. Mats had also returned as captain of the Swedish team. The papers ran a picture of myself on court being coached by Vijay, side by side with the picture from 1985. To be a part of history in that manner is another moment I will always cherish.

Q: What can travel teach those of us who don’t play professional tennis?

Travel has easily been my greatest education. Being exposed to so many different cultures, walks of life, languages and traditions taught me a great understanding for the rest of the world, and helped me develop a love for all people. Travel can also help us learn lessons for different aspects of life we find ourselves in, professionally and personally: the value of hard work; the fact that everything in this life is earned through the absolute highest levels of discipline and work ethic; and to always trust your instincts, especially in life’s most important moments.