That Bold bag tho...????

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It’s not always the most colorful racquets that create the biggest stir. Frames dressed in nothing but black or white have always cut a striking pose. Wilson wants to see if combining the two in a unique pattern is even more eye-catching.

On the heels of its successful Camo campaign, Wilson has rolled out its new Bold Edition Collection racquets and bags with an audacious, zebra-like cosmetic.


Burn, Blade, Ultra, or Pro Staff?

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There are five frames available in the capsule from the brand’s core franchises: Pro Staff 97L ($249), Blade 98S ($229), Ultra 100L ($199) and Ultra 26 ($89). The Burn 100LS is also part of the collection, but will not be available in the U.S. The frames are all either light or spin models, as well as one junior racquet, which should make them enticing to a younger audience.

In addition, two bags—the Bold Edition Super Tour Racquet Bag ($104) and Super Tour Backpack ($84) complement the racquets.

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