Question: Agnieszka Radwanska’s unique game was made for the recently finished March events in Indian Wells and Miami. What do you remember most about it?

She was a magician on the court. You can’t teach what she did with the ball. It all started with her anticipation—it made her a masterful chess player, as well as a brilliant tennis player.


Radwanska had the ability to use an opponent’s power and strengths against them by absorbing pace and redirecting the ball away from traditional hitting patterns. By doing this, she took time away from her opponents and made them feel incredibly off balance. Martina Hingis did this very well in her playing days.

Club players can try to emulate what Radwanska did, but it takes a very high skill level to see the opportunities she saw—and to then choose the correct shot and right moment to take advantage of them. It’s going to be really sad to not see her on the court, and on tour.