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Caroline Wozniacki celebrated her bachelorette party with a trip to the Bahamas. She was joined in the Exumas by Caro’s Crew which included model Hannah Jeter and fellow WTA pros Serena Williams and Nicole Gibbs.

Wozniacki and Serena are longtime tour friends while Gibbs and Wozniacki have enjoyed an island vacation together before, at Necker Cup.

Serena brought along her daughter Olympia, saying on Instagram that they had to go by private plane, golf cart and boat to get to the remote islands, but she just couldn’t leave Olympia behind and dad (Alexis Ohanian) was busy.


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The Exumas are a beautiful strip islands surrounded by crystal clear ocean famous for a lot of things including the former pitstop for Pablo Escobar's drug cartel, the location for Fyre Festival and the current home of the swimming pigs.


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Caro’s Crew went to Pig Beach on Big Major Cay to meet the unique animals. Serena wasn’t eager to pet the feral pigs while the others did get up close to take some memorable photos. Wozniacki wore a white veil as an accessory for most of the trip.



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There were excellent party favors for the crew including a gift bag loaded with goods, friendship bracelets, jean jackets with their names on it, and wide brim beach hats. 

Of course the true gift was a trip of a lifetime to one of the most private Caribbean getaways with the only modes of transportation between and on the islands being private plane, boat (or yacht), golf cart and bicycle.

Some of the Exumas islands are uninhabited while others have restaurants, hotels and bars. Wozniacki played the hook and ring game (a popular beach bar attraction) and the group sang karaoke, which should come as no surprise given Serena’s pedigree for singing. They even choreographed a dance to Backstreet Boys. 


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Wozniacki will be getting married to former NBA player David Lee sometime this year, though the details of the wedding are unknown.