After the widely appreciated first video, ATP stars sat down once again for a game of tennis-style Cards Against Humanity, this time with Marcelo Melo, Diego Schwartzman, Mischa Zverev and judge Alexander Zverev.  

To review the rules: Alexander Zverev presents a topic card—e.g. "I would like Hawk Eye to review _________" and then each of the other players picks a card from his own deck to try to make the funniest sentence. Then Alexander, in the vein of Apples to Apples, chooses which card wins the point.

For that first prompt, he chose the response of his brother, Mischa: "I would like Hawk Eye to review Kevin Anderson and John Isner playing Twister."

Schwartzman then won the next one, with: "Miami Open title? No thanks, I'll take Kyle Edmund's suncream budget."

"I think there's gonna be a lot of money involved in that," Alexander Zverev said. 

And Melo scored third with: "I really don't like Roger Federer playing on clay, it's boring and outdated."

Mischa Zverev then got a second point to take the lead: "Djokovic bouncing the ball 267 times before serving? Now that would make tennis even better."

But, in the comeback of the year, Melo won both of the final two rounds: 

"I've been working on a new service motion, it involves David Ferrer's grunt."

("It'll make you serve faster," Mischa Zverev said.)

And, "When I am on court, the only thing that can distract me is Andy Murray hula-hooping in a kilt."

So, in the end, the doubles star won with three points, Mischa Zverev having two, and Schwartzman just one. 

"You're the worst judge I've ever seen," the elder Zverev told his brother Alexander.