Lip-syncing for their lives, and ours, Serena Williams joined Brooklyn Decker and Andy Roddick this week for brief but epic performances on the hit TV show Lip Sync Battle.

Serena's open-secret cameo on the Paramount program did not disappoint, as the triumvirate of famous performers executed some simple choreography and, at other times, gleefully all but tripped over themselves. Serena first joined Decker, actress-model-spouse to Roddick, in a reprise of her role in Beyoncé's music video for "Sorry." Their clip came replete with a bus in the set design and all the right reaction shots of the doting, immediately defeated Roddick and co-hosts Chrissy Teigen and LL Cool J. 

Hardly one and done, Serena returned to quite capably deliver Cardi B's guest verse from "Finesse" beside Roddick's spry-huckster version of a Bruno Mars wig and getup. While many lip-sync performers, from this show to RuPaul's Drag Race, seem to forget the words far too often, Serena's mouthing looked refreshingly accurate.

Roddick also turned in a bleep-tastic take on The Dan Band's cover of "Total Eclipse of the Heart," the oft-parodied, much-loved Bonnie Tyler classic.

The looks, gyrations and overall fun that this trio of pals turned in revealed each is more than game to give the people what they want. It doesn't even matter who technically (read: subjectively) won the episode. Those who saw it have new dimples and creases from all the smiling.

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