Andy Murray. (AP Photo)

The closest I’ll ever get to the Aussie open trophy ???? #5timeloser

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No tennis player has been as consistently carefree or self-deprecating on social media as Andy Murray. The former world No. 1 always has something funny to say about his career or personal life.

This time, Murray poked fun at the fact that he may never see the Australian Open title after losing in the final five times.

Overall, the Scot's Australian Open history is not as bad as he makes it out to be. With a record of 48-12, Murray has made it to the second week most of the time. He has been to either the semifinals of the finals six times in his career.

Of course, this is where Murray has been unable to make the leap, almost entirely thanks to Novak Djokovic who has beaten him four times in the final match Down Under with Roger Federer holding the fifth victory. 

Murray is ranked No. 230 this time around in Melbourne and needed a wild card to enter.